I have used the services of VetweRx Equine for the past three years, and would recommend them to anyone wanting prompt innovative veterinary services. Reproduction work for my mare band is the highest I have ever had. Conception rates were impressive due to an average of one insemination per mare, which in turn saved money on semen shipping and processing. Emergency calls have been handled as a priority which has minimized my injuries and losses. Their state of the art X-ray capability has been a great asset in both soundness and sales exams.

Linda Holmes
- Holmes Cutting Horses

"I am not sure how to put into words how thankful we are to have you. We love how organized your team is, that you are ALWAYS early and of course, the compassion you show for our animals. You also keep us level headed and optimistic when we need you. 4am on a Sunday or 2pm on a Tuesday, you are there, ready to work and do your absolute best. On top of all of that, we love and appreciate all of beautiful equipment. From Radiographs to Shock Wave treatments, you got it! One of the biggest things we appreciate is your relationship with the Large Animals Vets at CSU. We appreciate the second opinions given by board certified radiologists and the 2nd and 3rd opinions you reach out for to make sure we are 100% correct in every step we make in keeping our horses feeling good. From our horses and even to our cats, birds and dogs, we are covered! Thank you so very much for all of your time and commitment to our animals and us. We are always in the best hands with VetweRx large or small animal clinics."

Jordan Sharp

The Sharp Equestrian Team and Carlisle Equestrian Center

"Dr. Yurek and Dr. Finley have done a phenomenal job of maintaining my horses. Particularly their expertise in lameness and reproduction have been above and beyond. I have an older brood mare that has been the cornerstone of my breeding program and VetweRx have been able to keep her healthy resulting in successful embryo transfers year after year. I have also had a performance horse with a bad tendon tear they were able to bring back to work using all the technology they bring to the farm. The horse had a terrible prognosis but using stem cells and PRP the horse had made a full recovery and returned the horse to my daughter for the show pen. In addition to individual treatments, VetweRx equine has managed my entire program from time of breeding to foaling to raising the horses. Vaccines schedules, deworming programs, and all heard health has been exclusively managed by Dr Yurek and Dr Finley. I have never had a vet before that goes to this level of service to ensure I have a good horse program."

Don Ballard

Texas Cutters

"As a horse trainer and riding instructor, having a knowledgeable and reputable veterinarian is imperative to not only the health of the horses, but also my business. Dr. Finley and Dr. Yurek bring a combination of years of experience as well as top of the line, cutting edge medicine to the table. I can always trust that my and my client's horses will receive the best in mobile veterinary care. We have had several difficult cases through the years and with each one, I knew the animal was a priority. Their follow up is wonderful and ensures the best quality of care for that animal. I rest easy knowing that in any emergency, the vet on call will be at my horse's side within 15-20 minutes. That level of responsiveness gives my animals the best chance possible for recovery for whatever injury or sickness befalls them. Thank you, VetweRx Equine, for being such an important part of the Cornerstone Farm team!"

Jennifer Shannon

Owner/Head Trainer at Cornerstone Farm

"We were new horse owners and VetweRx Equine was our first large animal vet. We now have 4 horses and are extremely pleased with the services of Drs Yurek and Finley. We have found them to be extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable. They have helped us tremendously and they really care about providing excellent service. Not only have they taken care of the physical needs of the horses, they have helped us greatly to learn about horses overall. We would highly recommend them to anyone"


"After years of rescuing Mastiffs & Danes, thousands of dollars spent on care; we've found someone who truly cares for animals. Dr. Yurek (and wonderful wife Bethany) are outstanding and go the extra yard to make all comfortable. Dr. Yurek is extremely knowledgeable, considerate, fore-thoughtful, and most of all; compassionate. Something that is sometimes forgotten in a profession that allows little time for emotions. We will continue to work with Dr. Yurek for as long as we continue to save animals. If you are in need of this type of care give him a call, you & your animal will be thankful."


"I am writing a recommendation for VetweRx Equine veterinary services. I have been using their service since it's inception. I have used the services of both Dr. Yurek and Dr. Finley for years prior to the beginning of this practice as well. I have experienced a need for care from routine to very serious and complicated situations (both medical and emergency). I have also been known to get some oddball and more rare conditions on occasion. I can personally tell you that regardless of the need they have always been clearly and decisively competent and ethical. They are quick to respond if needed and remain as long as needed. The doctors are very practical and sensible in their approach to any situation, keeping the client's circumstances in mind. They have great sense of compassion for both the horse and the client. In addition to years of extensive experience in diverse areas of equine medicine, the doctors continue to keep up their education well beyond what is legally required. They are always on top of current cutting edge theory and technique while incorporating that into the foundation of good old fashioned standards of medicine. VetweRx Equine continues to update and invest in state of the art equipment for vets in the field in order to enhance their ability to serve their clients. They can do many things right at your barn that other vets cannot because they don't have the knowledge or equipment, thus costing you more money and time to go elsewhere for those special services that this practice provides. All in all VetweRx Equine is the total package of what anyone looking for quality competent care with a sensible approach wants for their horses."

Jeanne Jackson

Ten Mile Ranch

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