Surgical Services

We are very pleased to introduce elective standing surgical procedures at our North location to our clients and their patients. This includes:

  • Sinus/upper airway procedures (included complicated tooth extractions)
  • Mass removal
  • Splint bone removal
  • Enucleation
  • Neurectomy

Coming in 2023

With a full surgical suite we will be able to offer additional elective surgeries including: orthopedic and soft tissue procedures (arthroscopy, bursoscopy, laparoscopy, tenoscopy); reproductive procedures (cryptorchid removal, ovariectomy, RV fistula repair); upper airway surgery (tie forward, tie back, etc), abdominal wall procedures (hernia and umbilical repairs) as well as corrective procedures for angular limb deformities.

Colic and emergency surgeries are generally referred to Colorado State University or Littleton Equine Medical Center. This allows a seamless transition for your animal between veterinarians.