Equine Reproduction in Longmont & Castle Rock, CO & serving clients in Berthoud, Erie & Elizabeth, CO

At VetweRx Equine Group, we have done an extensive amount of reproductive work for horses including artificial insemination, collaboration with CSU and Vista Equine for embryo transfer, foaling, and foal care. We help to customize a breeding program for each horse that begins with breeding and ends with a fully vaccinated healthy foal. This process includes getting a pregnancy, maintaining that pregnancy, creating a vaccination and deworming schedule for the mare and foal, foaling the mare, and ensuring the health of the foal.

We have several diagnostic tools to monitor the mare's pregnancy as well as to monitor the mare as she gets ready to foal. Progesterone levels are checked periodically for the mare to ensure she will carry the foal to term. As she is ready to foal we can help determine her foaling time through the use of foal alerts and milk calcium testing on site.

Foal care is a very important aspect of our program. The first two weeks of life are the most crucial as far as ensuring the health of the foal. We carry IgG snap tests and equipment to test the mares colostrum. In the event of a failure to transfer passive immunity to the foal we stock HiGamm plasma to administer to foals. We also stock high quality colostrum for foals.

Stallion services are also offered if you wish to collect and evaluate semen for breeding.

This is an ultrasound image of a mare confirmed pregnant at 14 days post breeding.

Still image of an embryo recovered from a mare day 8 post breeding. It is ready for shipment and embryo transfer to a recipient mare.