Equine Laboratory Services in Longmont & Castle Rock, CO & serving clients in Berthoud, Erie & Elizabeth, CO

We have in house lab services to perform blood work, such as CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry profiles. A CBC is typically used to look for Lab Services infections, as well as other conditions that alter various types of blood cells in the body. Chemistry profiles are used to evaluate various organ functions, such as the kidneys and liver. In emergency situations, we can get these results back within an hour to aid in getting a diagnosis if required.

We also send out bloodwork to a reference laboratory for more comprehensive results on a variety of testing such as thyroid levels, cushings and metabolic disease testing, cultures, cytology, and biopsy.

Online photo coggins are now offered to our clients, which has several advantages. A permanent record of the coggins form is stored online in a database for easy retrieval, should you ever need another copy which can be emailed or faxed.