Vetwerx Equine is now happy to offer the only mobile dynamic endoscopy unit in Colorado. Upper airway disease often limits performance in equine athletes. Conditions such as laryngeal hemiplegia, dorsal displacement of the soft palate, and epiglottic entrapment are sometimes diagnosed with upper airway endoscopy but can often be missed with a typical standing endoscopic exam. The dynamic scope is worn by the horse during exercise, held by a special halter, and equipped with a mobile recording device which monitors activity in the pharyngeal region during work. This is the gold standard for diagnosis of laryngeal dysfunction and can help dictate surgical and/or medical correction.

We offer this diagnostic tool at your farm so there is no need to transport your horses. They can remain at home in a familiar environment where the problem has been observed clinically. To schedule an exam please call our office manager at 303-569-4828 (ext. 5) or any of our doctors to discuss this option for you and your horse. The following videos demonstrate a dynamic exam and show the recordings that result. Upon completion, your videos will be sent to your regular veterinarian or the surgeon of your choice for review.